Your refuge in nature

At Orinoco Delta Lodge we take the necessary bio-security measures to protect the health and integrity of our guests, staff and the local indigenous community. 

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Nature Lives Here

Located on the banks of the river, far from civilization and totally immersed in nature, our lodge boasts extraordinary views of the landscape, its flora, fauna and native inhabitants. Like a portal in time, you will be able to witness the natural world as it was in past millenia. 



An unusual neighborhood

Nestled in a lonely branch of the Orinoco on the edge between the amazing river and the vibrant jungle, we are just part of this unusual neighborhood inhabited by wildlife and small indigenous communities.  Here, the only noise and traffic that you will witness is the song of countless birds crossing the sky, and the coming and going native Warao families passing in front of the camp in their canoes.


Your base to explore the Delta

Get on a canoe and navigate the Orinoco river, take a swim at the freshwater beach, admire a fascinating sunset in the company of dolphins, explore the jungle with our indigenous guides and discover the nature in all its splendor. The activities at Orinoco Delta Lodge are suitable for everyone. 



Immersed in nature

Orinoco Delta Lodge has 10 comfortable cabins with a view of the Orinoco, of which three are bungalows built directly on the river. We have rooms with capacity for up to six people to accommodate your needs whether to travel as a couple, with friends, or with family. All rooms have private bathrooms, showers, and panoramic views of the landscape. Family suites have hammocks and a small living room to enjoy the view.


Authentic eco-centric design

The construction of the rooms at Orinoco Delta Lodge is inspired by the architecture of the native Warao indigenous homes. The palm roof, natural materials, and rustic finishes, in conjunction with the pleasant comforts, give you an authentic experience of life in nature. The spacious and airy design with large mesh windows allows you to enjoy the view of the Orinoco and the jungle.

Cabaña en Orinoco Delta Lodge
Cabaña en Orinoco Delta Lodge
Cabaña en Orinoco Delta Lodge
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We have everything you need

Comfortable beds


Mosquito nets


Private bathroom

Bottled water




At Orinoco Delta Lodge, we are deeply committed to sustainable tourism and strive to maintain  our impact on the environment to a minimum. Therefore, we do not have air conditioning in our  bedrooms. However, there are large windows that keep air circulating in the rooms.

From harvest to table

At Orinoco Delta Lodge we pride ourselves on the quality of the dishes we serve. We use fresh ingredients and local products for the daily preparation of meals, committed to providing a genuine experience of Venezuelan and international gastronomy, and also incorporating the flavors of the Delta.  


Do not be surprised to see on your plate a delicious fish that just a few hours ago swam in the river, the fruits that we collected the day before from our garden, or the vegetables we got from the Warao family who live on the other side of the river. We are happy to adapt to any special diet, be it vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. Just let us know your requirements in advance.

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Exótica Food Bowl

Andrea C.

An unforgettable experience ... All the staff are friendly and committed to serving you without missing any detail. The tours invite you to get to know our indigenous culture and the fauna / flora of the delta. The kids didn't want to go home! We will always remember Orinoco Delta Lodge fondly and we will return one day.

Guest, January 2020

Manuel N.

We have traveled to this gem in the Venezuelan Delta, and it has been a family trip that has left memories for a lifetime. The accommodation is rustic, but with the necessary comforts. The food is very good. The team is second to none. And the experience is magical. They will see a lot of nature and will be totally disconnected.

Guest, December 2019

Indira T.

Staying at Orinoco Delta Lodge is a great experience. The attention provided by the team is first class. I appreciate every attention received, the details for us, the spectacular gastronomy and otherwise, simply a paradise. We will be back.

Guest, December 2019